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Agapanthus praecox orientalis 'Snowball'

Dwarf African Lily

Plant Type Small shrub
Flower Colour White
Leaf Shape Strap
Leaf Colour Dark green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Tropical
Drought Tolerant
Coastal Second level
Frost Moderate
Native Exotic
Flower Months Dec-Feb



Agapanthus ‘Snowball’ grows in full shade to sun, tolerating heavy frosts, extended dry periods and a range of soil types.  Selected by the Auckland Botanical Gardens for it’s long flowering, fine leaved compact habit  and growing to 55cm by 55cm with pure white flowers in summer.  Feed with Osmocote Outdoor Trees and Shrubs in early spring.


‘Snowball’ makes an excellent border, a mass planting under shady trees or as specimen plants in patio tubs.  Looks good planted around Correa ‘Annie’s Delight’ in a shady area, or as a surround for Salvia ‘Black Knight’ in a sunny area.  Remove dead flower heads.

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