PO Box 567
Lilydale, Vic 3140
Phone (03) 9735 3831

Our Team

We are a family business with 3 (occasionally four) generations working in the business each day. We were founded by Barry Larkman in 1984. Barry was the initial editor of Australian Horticulure and then Greenworld.  He was a well regarded member of our industry and was actively involved in many trade bodies. The nursery was run and worked by Barry and Stephanie un til he pased away in 1989.


Clive (the oldest son) returned from the UK to take over the business and has been running it since then. Clive is a qualified botanist and has experience in many industries as wide as runing a restaurant in the UK to working as maintenance man in the US. He also has a passion for politics which saw him  take on the role of Councillor in the Shire of Yarra Ranges and also stand in the 2006 state election for the seat of Monbulk. He also has a passion for the industry and he has been a member of most of the major horticultural bodies. This includes 12 years on the board of the IPPS, 10 years on AIH state council, 17 on Primary Indiustries Training Board and is now in his third term on the NGIV board.


In 1990 he met his Di who was working for Lasscocks in Adelaide. She moved to Melbourne the following year and was soon a major part of the management team at Larkman Nurseries. In 1999 middle son Simon joined the team. He initailly worked in the growing area. After several months at Benara nursery in WA and the six months managing the Chinese operation of Birkdale Nursery, Simon took on the role of Sales Manager.

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