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Lavandula dentata 'Royal Crown'

Royal Crown

Plant Type Med shrub
Flower Colour Purple
Leaf Shape Dentate
Leaf Colour Grey/green
Sun/Shade Full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Semi arid
Drought Tolerant
Coastal Second level
Frost Light
Native Exotic
Flower Months All Year



A majestic form of French Lavender.  It has soft, dentated, grey green foliage with plenty of lilac flowers held well above the plant.   The flowers occur over most of the year and can be used in winter posies, wedding posies or in short vases.  ‘Royal Crown’ also dries well and can be used in potpourri or for dried arrangements.  The dried flowers are also useful for artistic and handicraft products.


It has a strong fragrance in both the foliage and the flowers.  The scent is a mixture of lavender and rosemary and can be mixed with Aloysia triphylla and rubbed on the temples to ease tension.


Like all lavenders, ‘Royal Crown’ prefers full sun and well drained soil.  It also requires plenty of air movement, especially in the more humid environments.  An annual prune and feed with Osmocote Outdoor Trees and Shrubs plus a dose of gypsum or dolomite lime after flowering will do wonders in keeping your plant healthy and vigorous.  Plant with Rosemarinus officinalis  ‘Tuscan Blue’ or  Salvia chamraeyoides  ‘Indigo Blue’.

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