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Lavandula dentata 'Pure Harmony'

White French Lavender

Plant Type Med shrub
Flower Colour White
Leaf Shape Dentate
Leaf Colour Grey
Sun/Shade Full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Semi arid
Drought Dry periods
Coastal Second level
Frost Light
Native Exotic
Flower Months All Year



Lavenders are one of the world's most popular genera of perennial plants and are grown in almost all Western gardens.  The common names differ from country to country and have some relationship to where the species originates from.  Lavandula dentata 'Pure Harmony' is a selection of what Australians call French lavender with soft white flower heads over most of the year.  


'Pure Harmony' has the normal grey foliage of Lavandula dentata candicans, grows to approximately 1.2m x 1.1m in ideal conditions, requires full sun, very good drainage and plenty of air movement.  A regular addition of Calcium along with some Osmocote slow release and an annual prune will keep the plant looking good.  'Plant as an informal hedge, in a tub on the patio or as a specimen plant in an open position.  The flowers can be cut and used fresh as a posy or dried in handicrafts.  Plant with other Lavender, Rosemary or Salvia.


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