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Mesembryanthemum crystallinum 'Rainbow'

Rainbow Pink Pigface

Plant Type Ground cover
Flower Colour Deep pink
Leaf Shape Needle like
Leaf Colour Grey/green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought Tolerant
Coastal Frontline
Frost Moderate
Native Exotic
Flower Months Nov-Feb



Plants in The Succulent Choice R range have been selected for their striking appearance and their ability to grow well with minimal attention, even in difficult situations.  They are generally very drought and moderately frost hardy, requiring little more than lots of sun, free draining soil or potting mix, small amounts of fertilizer (recommended is Osmocote slow release) from time to time and occasional deep watering during prolonged dry conditions.


Mesembyanthemums or Ice Plants as they are commonly known are a versatile group of plants.  Originally this genus covered most of the succulents with large, arrow shaped foliage but now only refers to the small leaved, bright flowered forms.  ‘Rainbow’ has brilliant violet flowers from mid spring to early summer.  It forms a low growing mound, to 40cm tall and 1m wide.  Like most succulents it looks best in a rockery or terraced garden.  Due to its formal shape it will also make a colorful border or edging plant.


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