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Sedum spurium 'Shorbuser Blut'

Dragon's Blood

Plant Type Ground cover
Flower Colour Deep red
Leaf Shape Round
Leaf Colour Green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought Tolerant
Coastal No
Frost Heavy
Native Exotic
Flower Months Dec-Feb



Plants in The Succulent Choice R  range have been selected for their striking appearance and their ability to grow well with minimal attention, even in difficult situations.  They are generally very drought and frost hardy, requiring little more than lots of sun, free draining soil or potting mix, small amounts of fertilizer (recommended is Osmocote Outdoor Trees and Shrubs slow release) from time to time and occasional deep watering during prolonged dry conditions.


Sedum spurium ‘Schorbusser Blut’ forms a creeping mat of bronzed green leaves reaching less than 10cm in height and spreading over 40cm.  It is evergreen with stunning crimson flowers in spring and early summer and is best planted in a terraced garden bed or as a border for a lavender garden.  It will also perform well in a large tub with one of the smalls Salvias like S.  ‘Sensation’ or a Santolina like ‘Bowles Lemon’


The Succulent Choice R  is a selection of quality garden plants from the Larkman Plants TM collection


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