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Tellima grandiflora 'Forest Frost'

Fringe Cup

Plant Type Rockery
Flower Colour Pink+cream
Leaf Shape Lobed
Leaf Colour Green/maroon
Sun/Shade Part-filt sun
Climate Min Cool temperate
Climate Max Temperate
Drought No
Coastal No
Frost Moderate
Native North America
Flower Months Oct-Nov



Tellima or Fringecups is a single species genera of very hardy and attractive woodland plants from the US.  Like their very close relatives, Heuchera they have attractive foliage, dainty flowers and are very easy to grow.  They will tolerate deep to part shade and heavy frosts.  They will also tolerate very dry conditions if in a shady or filtered light situation.

Tellima ‘Forest Frost’ makes quite an impression with bronzy, quilted leaves in autumn and large, fringed, chartreuse flowers in spring, which fade to pink. Dan Heims found this silver splashed form in a native population in northern United States. It will form a neat clump to around 55cm tall with the flowers held on 30 to 45cm tall stems.  Remove spent flowers in summer and feed with Osmocote Outdoor Trees and Shrubs.


Being a woodland plant ‘Forest Frost’ likes part to full shade, with well drained soil.  It will grow in most gardens and makes an excellent border plant.  Plant with  Heuchera ‘Amber Waves’, Viola ‘Mars’, Hosta  ‘June’ and Brunnera ‘Dawson’s White’ for an attractive mixture of color and form.


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