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Santolina chamaecyparissus 'Bowle's Lemon'

Lemon Cotton Lavender

Plant Type Small shrub
Flower Colour Pale yellow
Leaf Shape Fine
Leaf Colour Grey
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought No
Coastal No
Frost Light
Native Exotic
Flower Months Dec-Feb



Santolinas or Cotton Lavender as they are commonly called, are very attractive, easy to grow plants from the Mediterranean.  As such they are quite well suited to most Australian gardens.  They generally have attractive and aromatic feather like foliage and small button flowers.


‘Bowle’s Lemon’ is a typical Santolina with silvery grey foliage and delightful lemon yellow button flowers that occur from early summer to early autumn.  It is a medium sized shrub growing to around 50cm and 80 cm wide, preferring a well drained site in part to full sun.


Santolina chamaecyparissus  ‘Bowle’s Lemon’ likes a medium to hard prune each year to keep it vigorous.  This should be done after flowering and should be followed by an application of Osmocote Slow Release fertiliser.  Satolinas make great little hedges for knot gardens or as a border for a herb or vegie garden.

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