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Rosmarinus officinalis 'Genges Gold'

Gold Leaved Rosemary

Plant Type Med shrub
Flower Colour Mauve
Leaf Shape Needle like
Leaf Colour Green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Cool temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought Dry periods
Coastal Second level
Frost Moderate
Native Exotic
Flower Months Aug-Oct


Rosemaries have been around for generations.  They come in mauves, blues, purples pink and even white.  They have grey green to deep green foliage. ‘Genge’s Gold’ however has soft mauve flowers and brilliant gold and green foliage.  Each leaf having a deep green centre with a golden yellow margin. It prefers a slightly shaded position but will grow well in full sun.


‘Genge’s Gold’ is an upright form with the typical rosemary scented foliage l grows to approximately 1.8m and 80cm wide.  An annual feed with Osmocote Outdoor Trees and Shrubs after flowering and prune in late summer will keep the plant vigorous.  It was selected from a sport of Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Tuscan Blue’ by Geoff Genge from Invergarill.  Clive Larkman from Larkman Nurseries brought it back to Australia in 1994 and after extensive trials felt that it was worthy of inclusion in the Australian garden scene.


‘Genge’s Gold’ will make an attractive hedge (planted 80cm apart),a colorful standard or as a specimen plant.  It looks good with Felicia ‘Gold Dust’ and Ceanothus ‘Blue Pacific’ in an all blue planting or as a focal point amongst  collection of lavender such as Lavandula ‘Avonview’ or Lavandula ‘Somerset Mist’.


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