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Lantana montevidensis 'Whistlepipe'

Variegated Lantana

Plant Type Ground cover
Flower Colour Mauve
Leaf Shape Ovate - small
Leaf Colour Variegated - wh
Sun/Shade Filt-full sun
Climate Min Cool temperate
Climate Max Tropical
Drought Dry periods
Coastal Second level
Frost Moderate
Native Exotic
Flower Months Oct-Apr


Lantanas are a freely flowering hardy plant that grow well in most parts of Australia.  Unlike the L.camara forms L.montevidensis 'Whisltepipe' is a non invasive form that does not spread by seed.  It will tolerate moderate frosts and hars dry conditions once it is established.


'Whisltepipe' has masses of soft pink/mauve flowers from late spring to early autumn.  It has fost grey green foliage with irregular white borders on each leaf.  A low maintenance plant that needs only an annual feed with Osmocote Outdoor Trees & Shrubs and occasional water during the summer months.  It is low growing (under 25cm) with a spead of up to 2m.  It will grow in full sun, part shade or filtered light and makes an excellent under planting for ornamental tees and shrubs.  


An attractive display can be created by using 'Whisltepipe' as an edge, with Diascia'White Blush' behind, Lavandula 'Hidcote Pink' and Rosmarinus 'Majorca Pink' interplanted behind that and Ceanothus 'Snowflurry' at the rear. Clive and Di Larkman came across Lantana montevidensis 'Whistlepipe' at Whhisltepipe gardens in an eastern Perth suburb.  The color and texture make it an excellent addition to any garden.


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