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Kniphofia 'Percy's Pride'

Lemon Torch Lily

Plant Type Clumping shrub
Flower Colour Pale lemon
Leaf Shape Strap
Leaf Colour Green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought No
Coastal Second level
Frost Moderate
Native Sth Africa
Flower Months Jul-Sep


There are over 60 species of this stunning Sth African perennial.  They are upright tufted plants with colorful and showy flowers in thick spikes at the end of long, elegant stems. ‘Percy’s Pride’ is a small form with flowers that start green and age to yellow.  It is easy to grow and reaches an average height of 70cm and width of 60cm.  Like most Kniphofias, it is hardy to moderate frosts, likes part to full sun and will grow in a wide range of soils.  It will also tolerate some level of dryness and the flowers occur during late spring and summer.  Feed regularly with Seasol and PowerFeed and clean up any dead foliage and flower heads.


Kniphofia ‘Percy’s Pride’ is named after the foreman at the famous Bressingham  Gardens.  It makes an excellent border to a large established garden, or an under shrub to large open trees or as an edge to a long driveway.  It will also perform well in large tubs and patio gardens as a specimen plant.  Due to its grass like form ‘Percy’s Pride’ makes an excellent centerpiece to a grass garden.  Plant with agapanthus  ‘Purple Cloud’ for a stunning display of form and color or with Salvia ‘Meigan’s Magic’ for contrast of shape, texture and color.


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