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Hosta 'So Sweet'

Sweet Scented Hosta

Plant Type Dwarf shrub
Flower Colour Pale blue
Leaf Shape Ovate - medium
Leaf Colour Varieg - white
Sun/Shade Shade-filt sun
Climate Min Cool temperate
Climate Max Sub trop
Drought No
Coastal No
Frost Moderate
Native Deciduous
Flower Months Nov-Jan


Hostas or Plantain Lilies are a stately group of plants with structurally attractive foliage and white to lavender flowers, especially for those moist places in part to full shade.  They will thrive in damp to dry soil, in full shade to full sun.  In full sun they will have bigger and better flowers whilst in the full shade they will have less flowers but will get substantially taller and have broader leaves.  They will require summer moisture if they are in full sun.   Mulch in sun or shade for best results and feed in spring with Osmocote Slow Release.


‘So Sweet’ is an attractive plant with a spread of 50cm and growing to only 35cm tall.  It has green leaves with a wide cream irregular margin.  They have a twisted wavy shape giving the plant an energetic appearance.  The flowers are pure white, fragrant and occur in mid to late summer.  They are funnel shaped on top of half metre stems.  It is an attractive plant that looks good planted in tubs or large rockeries and in the centre of a low growing perennial garden. Prefers more sun than most Hostas.


‘So Sweet’ is part of the Larkman Plants Collection.  Plants from around the world to enhance your garden.  There are several Hostas in the range, collect them all for an eye catching display.  Hostas are susceptible to snail attack so place eggshells or a good, petsafe,  snail bait around them especially in early spring as the new plants emerge.

Mon Cheri  HOSTAS by Larkman Plants TM


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