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Eucomis zambesiaca

Summer Hyacinth

Plant Type Clumping shrub
Flower Colour White
Leaf Shape Strap like
Leaf Colour Green
Sun/Shade Part-full sun
Climate Min Temperate
Climate Max Tropical
Drought No
Coastal No
Frost Light
Native Exotic
Flower Months Jan-Mar


A good garden is a mixture of colour, texture, scent and form. There are many strap foliage plants that add a sense of structure and texture to the garden and Eucomis zambesiaca  is a compact and pretty form with attractive soft green leaves and clean white flowers.  The pineapple like flower spike consists of masses of white star shaped flowers on a green head. It is the combination of flower and foliage that gives rise to the name Summer Hyacinth.


Ecomis zambesiaca is easy to grow, and should be fed with Osmocote once a year in mid spring.  It generally grows to around 40 cm tall and 50cm wide.  Being such a versatile plant it is suited to numerous places in the garden.  Use an edging plant to paths and garden beds en-masse in front of a small cottage garden or in pots on the patio.  However you use the plant it will reward you


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